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Frequently Asked Questions about PeriAcryl®90 High Viscosity | FAQ

What is PeriAcryl®90 High Viscosity?

PeriAcryl®90 High Viscosity is a special blend of butyl and octyl cyanoacrylate adhesives that are specially designed to perform in the oral cavity. The PeriAcryl®90 High Viscosity formulation has a consistency that allows for controlled application without causing product waste. PeriAcryl®90 from GluStitch Inc is the top-selling dental cyanoacrylate world-wide.

What is PeriAcryl®90 High Viscosity used for?

PeriAcryl®90-HV can be used as a dressing over free gingival graft donor sites. It is also effective in supporting sutures in surgical site closure and in the stabilization and protection of membranes and grafts.

Why use PeriAcryl®90 products?

Simplify surgical procedures
• Increase procedural efficiency
• Improve aesthetic outcomes • Protect against patient noncompliance • Increase patient comfort • Save time and money

Features and Benefits PeriAcryl®90 High Viscosity:

Polymerizes rapidly when comes in contact with water or saliva.
Stays in place for up to 14 days when a multi-layer application is made.
Available in a multi-use kit, specifically designed for dental specialists, to reduce your cost per use.
Each kit contains 5 mL of adhesive and 50 disposable pipettes.
Coloured in deep violet to increase visibility during application.
PeriAcryl®90 High Viscosity is 9 times thicker than the original formulation which allows for more control during application.

How do I use PeriAcryl®90 High Viscosity?

After removing PeriAcryl®90 from the bottle with one of the pipettes supplied, apply a conservative amount overtop of the surgical site and touch it briefly with a wet cotton gauze. In seconds, it will set to form a strong protective covering. In the images below, PeriAcryl®90-HV is the final step in this socket preservation protocol, applied over the membrane and sutures.

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