PeriAcryl® Oral Tissue Adhesive Product Storage Information - Periacryl Canada – Blacklock Medical Products

Product Storage Information - Periacryl Canada

When GluStitch products are not being used, they should be stored in a standard office refrigerator at or below 5℃ to maintain the product’s performance for the entire 2-year shelf life. The refrigerator does not need to be controlled or monitored and expected fluctuations of +/- 3℃ are acceptable.

GluStitch products will not freeze so they can also be stored in a freezer. When the product is required, it can be removed from the fridge or freezer and used immediately, or it can be allowed to come up to room temperature, which only takes a few minutes.

If you notice when your product arrives that it was not shipped cold, this is perfectly acceptable. Short durations outside of refrigerated storage for up to 4 weeks will not adversely affect the product's performance. This means that if a staff member accidentally leaves the product on the counter over the weekend, or if there is a temporary excursion in your refrigerator’s expected temperature, the product will be unaffected and perform as intended.

If the product is stored at room temperature, the performance of the product may start to deteriorate around the 12-month mark. If the product appears oily or is no longer of a liquid consistency, please contact your dealer or GluStitch directly.

For more information please download a copy of the SDS sheet here (insert link to the product SDS).